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Last night Ethan and I went to the To Write Love on Her Arms Heavy and Light tour. We were there mostly to see Anis Mojgani, as we both respect his art, voice, and poetry. We were up in the balcony and got a really good view of him performing.

He performed:

  • Shake the Dust
  • Life, Love, and Everything in Between
  • Milos

I got him to sign my copy of The Feather Room. It says “Remain always an orchard” and I’ve been exploring the personal significance of that. This man is the reason I started writing slam poetry and got up the courage to say the things in my heart in front of people. I’ve even had a little bit of success with it!

A couple of people asked me to write a little bit about what Anis was like in person. Obviously I only had about 45 seconds of his time, but he strikes me as being just as genuine and at peace as he seems in his videos. He’s an entrancing performer and I believe the words that he shared were important for the crowd at Heavy and Light to hear.

I really respect what TWLOHA is doing and I was so glad to get the chance to support a pretty cool organization while also hearing my favorite performance poet in person.

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